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26. October 2012

Night boats in Sweden, Australia and India

One of the biggest Sweden's film festivals have hosted Night Boats.

Filmföreningen Flimmer, which organizes Norrköping Filmfestival (5. – 14. 10. 2012.), also organizes a cinema under a sky and a film tour around the country – all that makes Filmmer recognizable Swedish brand.

Australian premiere was on Cockatoo International Film Festival in Sydney on October 25th 2012.
In its mission the festival promises atractive films with the aim to entertain and surprise the audience.
Director Igor Mirković and leading actress Ana Karić were the festival's guests.

In November and October Night Boats are sailing to India too!
Two Indian film festivals want to screen Night Boats. One is Mumbai International Film Festival (in category Celebrate Age) and the other is Kolkata International Film which will host director Igor Mirković.