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3. February 2015

My Grandpa is an Alien and Let's Play a Story at The Financing Forum for Kids Content

Two projects: My Grandpa is an Alien, feature film for kids, directed by Dražen Žarković and Marina Andree Škop and Let's Play a Story, animated/live action series directed by Marina Andree Škop, were slected for pitching at the prestigious pitching forum for kids screen content The Financing Forum for Kids Content, in Malmö, Sweden.
The Financing Forum For Kids Content is the largest and only meeting place of it’s kind within the Nordic Media Industry focused on producing and distributing screen content for children. It took place for the first time in 2007 as a part of BUFF Film Festival and soon became the natural reference point for children’s movies and is regarded as a line-up of the best projects of each respective year. The aim of The Financing Forum for Kids Content is to promote and enhance co-production and distribution possibilities for children’s media. The Forum focuses not only on Film and TV for children and youth but also recognizes the need to incorporate Transmedia aspects into kids’ projects. The Financing Forum for Kids Content is a part of the initiative Kids Cluster initiative, a unifying power house platform on screen content for kids.