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6. January 2015

HAVC Project development support to new series Juraj and Mara

New series produced by Studio dim, Juraj and Mara, won Project development support for 2015. from Croatian Audiovisual Centre
The series is based on the motifs from Croatian/Slavic myth of the two gods, Jarilo and Morana, also known as Juraj and Mara. Jarilo, god of spring and fertility, and Mara, godess of winter and death, meet again at the beginning of each year, fall in love and set forward another season cycle.
The series places the myth in contemporary urban context and examines the question of what would happen to Juraj and Mara if they'd find themselves here, among us. Mara of today becaomes aware of her role for the first time and wants to avoid it and be an ordinary girl.