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12. March 2014

Dual in distribution in Croatian theaters

Dual, feature film by Nejc Gazvoda will have its Zagreb premiere on Wednesday, 12 March at 19 hours at the Cinema Europa, as part of the Queer moment programme by Domino, and it will be available next day at 21 pm.
The film will be screened at Split cinemateque Zlatna vrata from March 13th to 23rd, and at Rijeka Art Kino Croatia on March 25th. Other independent theatre screenings will follow, such as Varaždin, Osijek, Sisak and Velika Gorica.
Dual is made in co-production of Slovenia, Denmark and Croatia, and it had its international premiere in the competition program of the East of the West programme at the 48th edition of the prestigious International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary.
Croatian co-producer is Studio dim, the script is by Nejc Gazvoda and Janez Lapajne, director of photography is Darko Heric and editors are Andrea Martin Škop and Nejc Gazvoda. The film was supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.