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17. November 2013

Excellent reviews for the Croatian version of the TV series In Treatment

We are happy to present some of the critic’s quotes about the Croatian version of the TV series In Treatment:

“Compared to the other TV series, In Treatment looks like it came from another galaxy – it is simple, inteligent and provocative. It is the best TV content we had chance to watch these days”.
Nenad Polimac – Jutarnji list

“… emotional explosions of patients in the practice of psychotherapist Tomislav Vukov attracted the viewer's attention.“
Maja Car – Večernji list

“In Treatment is a good TV series, and now is one of the few bright spots on the public television."
Davor Mandić – Novi list

“HRT is finally broadcasting something that really is TV drama series"
Zrinka Pavlić – T portal