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8. January 2013

Studio dim website - site of the day!

Studio dim's website has won the title of site of the day on on January 5th.
Awwwards's mission is to discover, recognize and promote the talent and effort of web designers, developers and agencies who create unique digital experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive and beautiful.

Studio dim's website has been created by young web studio from Zagreb, North2. Designer Ivan Bošnjak has said about the award: "Great, great! At the very beginning of our cooperation with Studio dim we knew that it has to lead us somewhere good! I must say that this is the third time that we're receiving Awwwards award and we're so happy that we could share the third one with Studio dim."

Marina Andree Škop, one of the Studio dim's CEO had few words to say about the award too: "We are proud for receiving this award that we'll help us in global presentation of our work since our mission has always been to produce high quality audiovisual works for international market. Thousands designers, developers, blogers and agencies all around the world will be able to see what we do since the site will be included in annual Awwwards's book „The 365 Best CSS Websites Around The World".